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Passionate about new technologies and the Web, we have been working in this field for over 20 years (for some of us!). We have carried out many projects for both ourselves and our clients, each one more complex than the last. We have extensive experience in managing live video on the Internet: first, with Flash technologies and then for some time now, with webRTC, frame by frame or HLS.

We are fortunate to have the .CAM domain manager as a partner (which is a new domain extension, just like .COM, .NET or.ORG). We have therefore devised a service offering private individuals and professionals the opportunity to create a website and a personal domain to satisfy their communication needs. And for this personal website, we have developed a whole range of services and related features: live video, social networks, photo gallery, email, smartphone application, etc...

The .CAM extension is enabled with strong semantics related to video (live or not) and photo. Through My.CAM, we want to make the use of this new domain name as well as personal website creation and use more accessible

Whether you are an artist, craftsman, athlete, freelancer or just need to or want to communicate and share, our service is for you!

Lots of other features are on the drawing board and will arrive soon!

The My.CAM team